We LOVE helping families...Actually, since the beginning of Kids Pantry back in December 2010, we have helped more than 600,000 Australian families. 
And because of our knowledge, we know that the best way to help families is on an ongoing basis, week after week, month after month.
So, to help you, we have created an Exclusive VIP Membership that does exactly that. We ONLY launch our Kids Pantry VIP Masterclass Membership program 4 times a year and cannot wait to open the next launch!
In fact, we want to learn everything we can to make this an absolutely incredible, life-changing experience for our families, so we've decided to create a program that will help us do exactly that.


Our Kids Pantry VIP Membership is a Weekly Online Masterclasses. The classes cater for all year levels and include a range of skills, food handling and hygiene, knife safety skills, and meal preparation, together with Food for Health, Wellbeing Modules, Teen Skin Health, development in personal and mental health studies, and more.  


If you would like to know more please follow this link or add it to your cart so we can add you to the next wait list. 


VIP Masterclass Membership

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