What we do

Head into the wonderful world of Willy Wonka...create your own Giant Chocolate Freckle and our signature 'Choc in a Box'


How long

Kids Pantry cooking parties run for 1 hour as an activity during your party


What's next

Let Kids Pantry be the fun-filled activity at your child's party. Just have a room ready in your home so we can pop up our cooking party wherever you like.


How Much 

$450 for 10 chefs. Add $30 per extra chef.


Please fill in this Party Booking Form before paying your deposit to confirm a date and time.


Pop Up Chocolate Party - Deposit

  • Terms and Conditions


    When you confirm your booking and make your 50% deposit with Kids Pantry you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Please ensure that you have familiarised yourself with them before paying your non-refundable deposit. Please read our Terms and Conditions.


    Please be advised that Kids Pantry has a STRICT NO FOOD POLICY due to the severe allergies.


    Also, please note that our OH&S policy only allows 2 parents at any time in the kitchen with the kids. Parents can join in the fun when it's time to cut the birthday cake and sing 'Happy Birthday' towards the end of the party!

  • Cancellation Policy:

    We DO NOT offer refunds or credit notes:

     - for ‘change of mind’ reasons or non-attendances due to illness or injury;
     - if a Person does not attend a scheduled Event or class; or
     - if a Person fails to meet these Terms and Conditions & Policies.

    Cancelling a Kids Pantry Party with less than four (4) weeks notice: 
     - If a booking is cancelled with less than four (4) weeks before your planned party, the balance becomes immediately payable, and is not refundable.

    Rescheduling a Kids Pantry Party within one to four (1-4) weeks notice:
     - If you decide you’d like to reschedule an Event one to four (1-4) weeks before your event an additional fee of $250 will be charged. Please note that a suitable alternative date may not be available so please keep that in mind before rescheduling.

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