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Today we will be cooking... 


  • Chocolate Crackles 'KP healthy style'
  • Asian Salad
  • Pancake Cake  


Please note:

ALL Day programs in January run from 9am - 4pm...pick up time is between 4 - 5pm.


Kids Pantry is a complete hands on experience that has been designed to suit all skill levels. Kids Pantry is all about teaching life skills and safety while having fun in the kitchen.

All Kids Pantry kids cook their very own dishes with their peers. They dont cook in groups nor do our chefs cook it for them.


Our resident Nutritionist works extremely hard on reducing sugar and unnecessary ingredients while promoting healthy delious eating. Teaching the KP kids that sometimes foods can be super delicious and nutritious without high intakes of sugar or unnesseccary ingredients.


We encourage 'Fresh is Best' with our kitchen garden where the kids pick their ingredients to use in their recipes.


Classes are available for all school aged children. Children will be divided into age appropriate groups. Our School holiday classes are a Parent FREE Zone.  


Kids Pantry has a STRICT NO FOOD POLICY due to the safety of all children with allergies.


Children are welocme to bring 

  • A Drink Bottle for Water, Books, Ipad and devices, toys or drawing items to use in the times between recipes.  

Thursday 23rd April - All Day

  • Terms and Conditions


    When you confirm your booking and make your payment with Kids Pantry you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Please ensure that you have familiarised yourself with them before paying your non-refundable payment. Please read our Terms and Conditions.


    Kids Pantry has a STRICT NO FOOD POLICY due to the severe allergies. Please ensure your child's bag has NO FOOD before dropping them off. 


    Allergies: If your child suffers from allergies or intolerances, please fill in the allergy form and submit it to us prior to your childs class. We will be unable to cater for their needs if we have not recieved the form.


    Bookings: Bookings for all Kids Pantry classes are only confirmed once full payment has been made. Once your non-refundable payment has been recieved you will be booked in. You will recieve an automated email at the time of booking. Please keep this as proof of purchase and confirmation. 


    Unable to attend: Please note that all classes are non-refunadable or exchangeabe so please choose carefully.


    Absences: If your child is unwell on the day of your booked class and you can provide us with a Dr's Certificate, we will happily change the booking to another day in the same program that is suitable to you and your child. You will need to either call, text or email any absences on the morning of your booking to qualify.  


    Please note: Kids Pantry school holiday program is a 'Parent Free Zone' and are designed to drop off and pick up as per class (just like school). If you have booked for the Full Day, drop off will be available from 8:30, pick up is at 4pm (unless specified).  If you need a later pick up time this can be arranged by a Kids Pantry Team member although a fee will incur.