Cancellation & Refund Policy for Cooking Classes & Party Events at Kids Pantry

We DO NOT offer refunds or credit notes:

 - for ‘change of mind’ reasons or

 - non-attendances due to illness or injury;

 - if a Person does not attend a scheduled Event or class; or

 - if a Person fails to meet these Terms and Conditions & Policies.

Cancelling a Kids Pantry Party with less than four (4) weeks notice:

 - If a booking is cancelled with less than four (4) weeks before your planned party, the balance becomes immediately payable, and is not refundable.


Rescheduling a Kids Pantry Party within one to four (1-4) weeks notice:

 - If you decide you’d like to reschedule an Event one to four (1-4) weeks before your event an additional fee of $250 will be charged. Please note that a suitable alternative date may not be available so please keep that in mind before rescheduling.