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April School Holidays

Autumn is here and to celebrate Kids Pantry has released the April School Holiday cooking Classes...Check out our Timetable below!      Week 1     ...

Summer School Holidays

Our January holiday program runs from Monday 15th January until Friday 2nd February. Classes start at 9am–4pm each day during the Summer School Hol...

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Our Team


Kids Pantry is the brainchild of Canberra mum, Theresa Bradaric. Never in her wildest dreams did Theresa think that one day she would own a kids’ cooking school and kitchen garden! But her passion was sparked by the enthusiasm and excitement her own children show when in the kitchen — and now she wants to encourage that wonder and creativity in other Canberra kids.

Theresa’s love of cooking began at home, with one of her earliest memories being helping her grandmother cook a family feast with plenty of delicious desserts (although being in the garden making ‘mud pies’ was also a regular occurrence!)

With a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and a Culinary Diploma, she understands the impact that positive experiences with food can have on the development of a healthy self-esteem in children.

After completing her study, and spending many years in the industry, Theresa found herself back in the lecture room — but this time as the Lecturer delivering food science and nutritional science, while offering nutritious food choices to both children and adults.

One of Theresa’s biggest challenges came when both her children were born with food allergies and intolerance. With her daughter being intolerant to wheat and dairy, and her son being anaphylactic and allergic to almost all foods, she needed to reassess her own food habits and go back to basics...and the Kids Pantry seed was sown.


Lizy joined Kids Pantry at the beginning of 2012 as a highly valuable team member. Lizy's easy going, fun personality and positive outlook on life has certainly made a great impression on the kids and staff of KP.

Lizy's love of cooking and her limitless patience makes her one of Kids Pantry's best assets. Before joining the KP team Lizy successful ran the canteen at Curtin Primary School where she successfully encouraged the children to eat well, make healthy choices and always try new things. 

Lizy will be working closely alongside Theresa in the new 'Cooking Food @ School' to the Schools of the ACT as part of the Fresh Tastes program funded by the ACT and Federal Government.




Rohana’s love of cooking began when making pancakes with her mum at age 3. Once a lover of spaghetti bolognaise, she is now a vegetarian who enjoys experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. As a keen sportswoman Rohana understands the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and hopes to help kids learn about healthy eating habits.

Though Rohana studies international relations and history at the ANU, she would be quite content to set up a café in Canberra, Melbourne or Paris. For her, the best thing about food and cooking is the joy it brings to others. She particularly enjoys making meals for family and friends, muffins and biscuits for her sister’s lunch box and gingerbread houses at Christmas time.





Monique’s earliest food memories are of her Mum's spinach & cheese pie and her Grandma's lemon meringue pie. Having earned her Culinary Diploma, she is passionate about cooking using fresh, seasonal ingredients straight from the markets!

Monique loves working with kids and has just completed her degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Development .





With an Italian background and the love of good food; Alex joined Kids Pantry to share his passion for food. Many of his childhood food memories come from being in the kitchen with his Nonna.

With Vanilla being one of Alex’s favourite ingredients; he soon earned his dessert guru title with an amazing Chocolate & Berry Roulade and has whipped up many more tasty treats since joining the KP team.

Alex has a fun approach to everything we do in the pantry and like the rest of us, he loves to try new recipes and certainly loves a challenge!



Josh’s love of fine food & celebrations stems from his Italian heritage, with many hours spent in the kitchen helping prepare for family gatherings.

Being a big kid, Josh loves to party; which is one of his many reasons for joining the KP team. He loves partying in the pantry each weekend with the kids celebrating their birthdays; and will do anything possible to make an impression or get a laugh.

Josh is our savoury guru who loves everything chicken! So whipping up anything with a tasty sauce or making pasta from scratch will make him smile.

In Josh’s spare time he’s other love is soccer… maybe he just might be good enough to be in the next world cup!