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April School Holidays

Autumn is here and to celebrate Kids Pantry has released the April School Holiday cooking Classes...Check out our Timetable below!      Week 1     ...

Summer School Holidays

Our January holiday program runs from Monday 15th January until Friday 2nd February. Classes start at 9am–4pm each day during the Summer School Hol...

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Our Philosophy

Kids Pantry is about encouraging kids to have fun in the kitchen and garden, and teaching them to have a healthy attitude to food – and a healthy lifestyle. But there’s so much more to the Kids Pantry philosophy.

We want kids to understand that not all food comes prepackaged. We think it’s important kids know the origin of what they’re eating, how it’s grown and when it’s best to eat.

We want to get kids back to basics, and teach them how to care for our planet through environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

We want children to be aware of the world we live in, and how they can do their part to offset world food shortages by growing their own fruit and vegetables.

We want to teach kids how they can make a difference in their own backyard, through simple activities like composting, creating worm farms and running chickens

We want kids to discover new flavours and textures to stimulate developing taste buds. We want them to be adventurous and not be afraid to try new things in the kitchen.

We want our junior chefs to learn new techniques for meals that all the family can enjoy.

We want to educate children early about the cornerstones of a healthy diet and set them up for a lifelong positive attitude to food - particularly vital with diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and allergies on the rise. We want to give them tools for life.