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Happy 6th Birthday...New Kitchen & Garden

Its our 6th Birthday! And we are very proud to announce our NEW Kitchen & Garden in Deakin. Please pop in to see our state of the art centre...its ...

CGS & KP Join forces

Come and join us in our December Holiday program from Mon 5th Dec - Fri 16th December at Canberra Grammar School. Everyone is welcome so please fol...

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School Excursions

Kids Pantry welcomes early education and school groups of all ages.  Our primary aim to teach children the joy of growing and cooking their own food.

Our kitchen garden education program is targeted at kids aged between two and 18, and offers an introduction to gardening, cooking and healthy eating in a fun and supportive environment.

Following similar guidelines from the government campaign ‘Go for 2 & 5®’ and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, Kids Pantry teaches kids about the journey ‘from dirt to dish’.

Education follows the life cycle, beginning with cultivation and how to harvest the fruits and vegetables growing in the cottage garden and at home. This learning extends to the kitchen, where children learn to understand recipes, practice essential cooking techniques, prepare meals and - finally - eat their creations from the produce they have harvested.

Ties in with early childhood, primary and secondary education are multiple - providing children with skills ranging from health education to fine motor skills to literacy and numeracy. The impact on self esteem and confidence is also a huge benefit.

Programs can be designed according to age, aims and desired learning outcomes - we're only too happy to work with teachers to customise a session that fits the needs of their school.

If you're a kid and you think your school would like to visit Kids Pantry, why not mention this website to your teacher? Or you can talk to us and we can take it from there.

If you're a parent or teacher and think Kids Pantry would be a valuable learning activity, please give us a call - we'd love for you to visit soon!

Excursion Details

Kids will

  • Get their mitts dirty!
  • Experience a fun time in the garden
  • Learn how to plant seeds or seedlings
  • Spend some time with the chooks
  • Ch...

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